The Battle of the Samsung Galaxy A5, A7, and A8: Which phone is the best for your needs?

The metallic and sleek looking A-series of Samsung has finally made its touchdown in the mobile industry. With the announcement of the Galaxy A8 against its slimmer and smaller Galaxy A7 as well as the smaller Galaxy A5 line in the A-series, fans of the Android giant can’t help but compare what these three new models offers.

Samsung really put into consideration the compact chassis featured in this trio. The Galaxy A7 was originally the most compact metal Android for its screen size but with the release of the Galaxy A8, the A7’s screen size is now shed by the 5.9mm body featured in the A8, this by far is the thinnest model Samsung has ever produced.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Photo credit: Samsung Galaxy A7 via Samsung

The Galaxy A8 is also taller than the A7 allowing it to fit a 5.7-inch screen compared to the 5.5-inch screen that the A7 has. The A8 also comes with the unique fingerprint scanner in the home key just below the display. The A8 also features a 10 gram heavier weight over the other two mobile units and can be considered as the middle child in the Android trio.

On the other hand, the Galaxy A5 is the most manageable among the three Alpha series. It also the most affordable among the three but the specifications of the two other A-series are better. The A5 features a HD panel while the A7 and the A8 features 1080p screens. The Galaxy A5 runs of an octa-core Snapdragon 6156 chipset with multiband LTE connectivity. All the three phones posses 2GB of RAM, comes in 16/32 GB storage models and has a microSD slots for expansions. The A7 and the A5 features 13-megapixel rear cameras while the A8 is equipped with a 16MP ISOCELL shooter.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Photo credit: Samsung Galaxy A5 via Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy A5 Malaysia may come as a lesser premium version compared to the A8 but the pocket-friendly price tag attached to the sleek unit makes it a great buy. Comparison shopping sites like PricePanda can give you an idea on how much this beauty is worth and if it work with your budgets accordingly.

But as expected, the A7 and A5 lack the 3050mAh battery featured in the sub-6mm chassis of the Galaxy A8. No official pricing for the A8 has been released yet but the leaks so far indicates that it may go along the $500 off-contract price or something below $600.

 A leaked video of the Samsung Galaxy A8 is featured below.

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