Welcome, welcome!


Photo credit: Ben K Adams via Flickr

Hello every one!

I am Ashley and this is my blog, The Techie Advantage.

I have always considered technology and the gadgets that we have today as my partners in crime. They help me with my daily activities at home, at work, and provide me with the entertainment I need when life starts to get a little bit stressful. Technology, no matter if we accept it or not, has already touched our lives and it will continue to do so for a long time.

As I spend living every day of my life with the technology that we have today, I would want to share the good, the bad, and the fabulous things that came with it. I am a geek and I am loving it!

I’m aiming to bring out the inner geek in each and every one of my readers for them to appreciate and value the things that technology offers us.

Have a blast reading, everyone!

Stay tuned for my future posts and feel free to drop any likes, comments, or suggestions!


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